How to get 4000 hours of watching on YouTube
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How to get 4000 hours of watching on YouTube

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Sooner or later, the owners of YouTube channels have a need to monetize the channel — to make a profit from it. But the main condition for monetization of YouTube sets requirements: the total time of views on the channel must pass the milestone of 4000 hours and the number of views is 10000, and the number of subscribers to the channel must exceed 1000 people. Find out the fastest way to get 4000 watch hours on youtube you can on


How to dial the required number of hours for free

For this, all the previously described methods of gaining views and increasing the time of views are suitable. But for a high result, an even more significant and effective strategy is also needed, and a general set of all measures.

Here’s a general list of ways to dial watch hours on a channel:

  • Selection of the current topic for the channel. What the internet calls niches. Relevant niches can be observed by the frequency of requests in
  • Yandex Wordstat, Google Trend, the advertising section of and in YouTube itself.
  • No matter how trivial, it is necessary to determine the portrait of the target audience by the channel’s topic — occupation, gender, age, hobbies, region of audience coverage.
  • Analyze the topics and content of the channels of potential competitors and partners in the chosen niche. Analyze channels with a large number and time of views in order to learn the nuances and tricks in their work. For such analysis, you can use the services Spywords, advse, Serpstat, similarweb and a few more. It should be borne in mind that the higher the competition, the more relevant the topic, and the more likely it is to gain a foothold in it and be successful, and not vice versa.
  • Using tags in descriptions for videos and keywords in titles of videos. The technique of collecting the semantic core of a site or resource on the Internet is used. The analysis is carried out using Yandex
  • Wordstat and YouTube analytics. This part of the channel optimization will allow you to select effective relevant descriptions, titles, and topics of videos in accordance with the direction of the channel.
  • The previews of all videos on the channel (thumbnails next to the names of the videos in their list) should be of different quality, be bright and attract attention, but at the same time correspond to the declared theme of the video in the title, in no case should it be exaggerated or distorted.
  • Create playlists on the channel. Keep in mind, however, that views are not counted when automatically switching clips in the sheet. Therefore, stir the videos in the sheet so that the viewer wants to switch independently to separate videos.
  • It is effective to write articles on topics similar to videos, and place links to the most promoted videos in them. It is important to place such articles on thematic sites, in Yandex Zen, in posts on social networks. Zen is especially relevant, it is now on the rise, has a high attendance, which means that the current article will bring many viewers to YouTube, and he welcomes it.
  • For social networks, you need to remember to make the settings on the channel so that views on the built-in network player are counted.
  • Relevant and communication in the comments on thematic forums and social networks. But communication should be lively, in dialogue, with the proposal of links to watch videos in a recommendatory tone. Inserting links in the form of spam leads to a ban on those resources, and can lead to a complaint about the channel to the YouTube administration.
  • An excellent way to collect hours of views yourself and free of charge is to broadcast live on the channel on the topic of the channel. Such broadcasts are welcomed and promoted by YouTube, and it even advertises them on its own. It’s only up to viewers and subscribers.
  • Exchange with adjacent channels (collaboration), exchange of links, comments. Some of the spectators will also exchange.
  • Download more videos on the channel.
  • Retention of the audience on views according to YouTube recommendations. To do this, we recommend short announcements of the video in its first seconds with bright frames from the video. Conversely, you don’t need to talk about yourself or your brand for a long time. For the same purpose, you need to use time codes indicating the relevant sections in the video. It is better to transfer the climax of the video to the last part, and mark it in the time code.

These were the most up-to-date free ways to get the required viewing hours.

Those who find it time-consuming or time-consuming should turn to paid methods.

Paid methods of recruiting 4000 hours of views


There are many such methods, but it is enough to group them into two categories:

  • Cheat views and hours. This method is not encouraged by YouTube. It can also be divided into two large groups:
  • Cheat using robots bots and programs. This method is quickly recognized by YouTube and the channel is categorically banned and monetization is prohibited forever.
  • Cheating with the help of services, sometimes called boxes. They have registered performers who, for a small fee, perform one-time tasks, including watching videos. Here, the author can order, for a small budget, the number of views of a video with a given viewing time from five seconds to five minutes. Here the viewers are real from different addresses, but they are random and inappropriate,
  • Therefore, such views will not increase the rating, but will give views. Although YouTube will not count a large share of views according to its criteria (for example, when the video was watched with the sound turned off).
  • An effective but expensive way is a comprehensive SEO channel promotion by a specialized agency. A high-quality optimization of the work and policy of the channel will be carried out with stable subscribers and the planned increase in views.

Paid methods are suitable for a quick set of hours of browsing and saving your time.

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